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Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Accounting Services

Measure with Accuracy what you want to Manage Effectively!

Welcome to your comprehensive information and service resource for greenhouse gas accounting (sometimes also referred to as carbon accounting) provided by GHG Accounting Services Ltd.

We are offering a unique service and product portfolio which combines environmental management expertise, scientific rigour, accounting proficiency and comprehensive business skill sets with state of the art technology solutions. The accurate, environmentally sound and auditable quantification of GHG emissions is the heart and soul of our daily work. Delivering services and providing tools which enable meaningful managerial, environmental and scientific decision making to identify lower GHG emission solutions is our passion.

Our services include:

GHG Audit
GHG Inventory
GHG Reporting
Account for GHG Reductions
Validate and Register Projects
Carbon/Offset Credit Accounting
Green Procurement
Renewable Energy Certificates

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All our staff is trained in the ISO 14064 standard and the WBCSD/WRI GHG Protocol and we are committed to adhere to the ISO 14064/65 and applicable best practices standards including sustainable business practices.

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